We believe that our sustainability is accomplished in several ways.
First, if you choose to do business with Fairystone we know that there is a supply chain that we do business with everyday that can manufacture a
finished product from yarn to fabric within 500 miles of our plant. Your transportation costs are reduced and your carbon foot print is smaller.
Second, we can participate in sustainability in our rewards program. We reward ourselves when we attain certain goals and reach certain milestones.
We have done this for the last two years by designing t-shirts that are certified made in North Carolina. That means we grow the cotton, spin the yarn,
knit the fabric, dye it and do cut and sew within 500 miles of our plant. The dyes and inks used are environmentally friendly. Please visit our friends at TS
Designs if you would like to do the same or come visit us on Red t- shirt Fridays at our plant.
Third, We recycle all of the waste that we produce everyday in a cost and carbon neutral manner. You know from reading the Environmental page that
we are Landfill Free as of 1/1/2013. This year we changed the way we mow the grass and created natural areas to reduce our carbon foot print.
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