Circular vs Warp Knitting
Warp Knitting
We want to be your Warp Knitting resource!
Fairystone maintains a large compliment of warp knitting machines that can fill your
fabric needs. We can knit in 168 inch to 180 inch widths on high speed machines.
We have an extensive preventive maintenance and overhauling program that keeps our
machines in good condition to make high quality fabrics. If you want to verify this claim
just email our parts supplier by clicking here: Karl Mayer is a trusted supplier and they
have the invoices to prove it.
We have a growing group of 2 bar, 3 bar and 4 bar Tricot Knitting machines.
We have machines in the following gauges: 24, 28, 32, 36.
We can add other gauges when needed. We maintain flexibility in our operation by
having re-gauging kits on the shelf ready to go when demand changes during the year.
This allows us to respond to our customers needs in a short period of time.
We have a track record of partnering with customers on new machines or customizing
existing machines to make unique warp knit fabrics. Give us a new challenge, it makes life
interesting. Most of all you will get our extensive knowledge of knitting plus dyeing and
finishing that combine many years of manufacturing and design experience.
We have elected over the years to stay out of the raschel warp knitting business because
it was well served by the existing foot print of machines in service. That is changing and
we are having a number of conversations about expanding into raschel. Give us a call to
discuss further.
Circular vs Warping Knitting
Stitch goes around vs Yarn runs lengthwise
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