I want to introduce you to our friend and Robert Bryan’s
classmate at St. Andrews School – Andrew Forsthoefel who
has a blog: www.walkingtolisten.com
This young man at age 22 is a recent graduate of
Middlebury College who has decided to walk across
America listening to what people along the way are talking
about and doing. He has a route picked out that you can
see on the website and read about his experience.
If you have friends or family along the way who might take
him in for the night, it would be a rewarding experience
for everyone. He spent his first extended time off with us
during Thanksgiving. He departed Saturday morning with a
small group of new friends and neighbors who walked
with him for several miles. He was in High Point 18 miles
away that night. He has a tent and all camping equipment
with him but as the winter progresses it would be good to
find him a good warm bed or space to rest at night.
He is fully capable of doing this himself as he knocked on
the door of a fine family last night who offered him a meal
and warm place to sleep. His next goal is to make it to
Atlanta for Christmas to see extended family. Andrew is
taking secondary roads for safety and legal reasons plus he
gets to meet more people that way. His actual pace and
travel can also be changed by weather and geography.
Andrew made it to Austin, TX in April which is the half way
point for the journey. Lots of great postings on his blog.
Andrew Forsthoefel - WALKING TO LISTEN
Andrew next to our newest tricot knitting machine
Resuming his walk from Greensboro, NC with
new friends met during Thanksgiving
The Bryan family hosts for Thanksgiving 2011
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