The Great American Journey
On labor day 2011, Robert Bryan and Jim McNinch started on a Great Journey across America.
They were celebrating the conclusion of their undergraduate education. This is the time in their life
to explore our Great country by driving and camping in our National parks while seeing many of the
places they had studied or heard aboutfrom friends and family.
The first 4 months concentrated on driving across the northern part of the country and included a
stay in Myers Chuck, Alaska. The road lead south down the pacific coast highway from there until
they took up residence in Dixie National Forest in southern Utah. Living in a modern primitive cabin
they were able to explore Bryce, Zion and the surrounding area.
Here is a photo gallery of some of the memorable places they have visited so far on the trip. Home
for the Holidays and then back to the Northwest for a bit. Jim decided to sign up for a Wilderness
First Responder EMT class while Robert headed back down the west coast to see friends and
Time to hang a left and travel the lower 48 on the way home. Departing Dallas soon and headed
East. Fair warning to New Orleans!
Family in California
Half Dome - Yosemite
Camping in the Bad Lands
Departure Labor Day 2011
The Hartwood Club
Wall Street - Bryce Canyon N.P.
Sequoia National Forest
Rainbow Pool - Yellowstone
Fly Fishing - Yellowstone
Barn near Sequoia National Park
Inspiration Point - Yosemite
Zion Canyon
The first phase of the Great American Journey has come to an end.
Robert (left) and Jim (right) returned to their respective homes the first
week in March 2012. Their timing was right, as the transmission on the
Suburban decided it had seen enough of the country just outside
Pigeon Forge, TN. Seven months and 24,583 miles, if only it could talk!
The truck was rescued by Dick Shirley Chevrolet who also provided a
loaner car for the last leg of the trip.
Now it is time to unload, wash and repair the camping equipment, then
catalog pictures and memories and move on to the next phase.
The corporate, medical or EMT worlds could use these two wiser and
traveled men. You can contact them by clicking on the button below.
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