Here we grow again !!!
We believe in the Future. To get there we need to continue our investment in the plant and new
equipment. This year has been a busy one for plant improvements and adding knitting capacity
while improving our warping capabilities.
Major investments in a new chiller, air washer and evaporative condenser will allow us to control
the environment inside the plant while reducing our carbon foot print. In addition, we will
complete installation of our energy efficient lights that will reduce our energy bill and provide
better lighting for our manufacturing area.
We are in the 3rd year of resurfacing the concrete floors for better conditions when we are working
and less wear and tear on our materials handling equipment. In addition, the light gray color
brightens up the place and gives it a European look and feel!
We have added the latest Karl Mayer 3 bar knitting machines with more on the water. We tried a 3
bar 18E raschel machine but could not develop a business. Instead we converted a tricot machine
to 18 gauge to satisfy our customers needs. We will erect a 20 gauge 3 bar tricot machine soon to
see what new products we can make for our customers.
We continue to make improvements in our warping department. Over the past few years we have
added "S" rolls to improve tension control. We have recently added a new camera end detection
system with defect monitoring to a warper. We will evaluate this for performance and quality
improvements. If we can justify it, we will move this technology across the warping department.
We have been challenge by a new customer to warp and knit and yarn made from a new polymer.
It is a very active yarn. Working with this customer we have installed new static controls and an ion
fan to bring conditions under control. Another example of how we improve together with our
customers help.
We are privileged to gain the trust of a new customer who we have been supporting for the past 2
years with warping and knitting. As of February of 2016 they have moved all knitting assets to
Fairystone. We will use the added machines plus our current knitting to support their growth in the
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