We have GOOD Bones and Great People
We have an old plant that has served us well for 49 years and
another tricot company for many years before we arrived. We
have spent a lot of time and money in thoughtful upgrade to
the building over the years. The new infrastructure will give us
the ability to be successful for many years.
As we improve the plant we do not want to forget about our
Bones. Therefore, we will not resurface the entire floor in the
OLD knitting room. Rather, we will do the areas where is needs
to be done for safety and productivity. In other parts of the
room we have removed 77 years of dirt and grim to reveal a
scared floor with character. It reminds us where we came from
and keeps us focused on what we need to do to be successful
in the future.
The picture does not do it justice. Come visit and have a look
for yourself.
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