Fairystone has a dedicated work force that is 100+ strong. We come to work 24 hours a
day and love to work 5, 6 or 7 days a week depending on customer requirements. If we
work 7 days it is important that everyone get at least one day off every two weeks to
rest and recover. We want healthy, rested and energetic folks who follow safe work
procedures at all times.
Historically, there has been an ample trained work force for us to draw from in the area.
In recent years that has changed. We have to change too.
We recently announced a new training initiative that will create a comprehensive
training program for all skilled jobs. In addition, it will encourage enhancement of
knowledge and skills by all fellow employees. This is a very exciting program for us and
will serve as the basis for the next generation of our warping, warp knitting, sueding
and administrative work force.
This program brings the vast knowledge and skills of the North Carolina Community
College system, in addition to professional resources where needed, to examine each
job, develop a knowledge, skills and methods inventory for that job. We will take that
information and establish a training program for current and future employees. This is
a 3 year commitment to achieve excellence in everything we do.
Fairystone University will insure that we ready for the challenges in the future. If you
are interested in joining click the button.
We need more Made In America products and we intend to do our part in making sure
we continue to have them. We are also proud to support a number of foreign firms
who have moved or built manufacturing plants in the USA to support our local
economies. We achieve balance when we can produce fabrics made from either/or
domestic and foreign yarn. It gives our customers the flexibility to source the best raw
materials for a particular end use.
We provide competitive wages with an outstanding benefits package.
Taking Physical Inventory each October 1st
Our 1st Shift team on the 40th Anniversary
Made in USA
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Since 1968
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