Tricot Warping machines
S rolls to improve warping
Warping a variety of fine denier filament yarns is our specialty. Our typical
denier range is 15/1 to 300 denier. Challenge us to do something else.
Polyester and Nylon represent most of our business. Textured or flat yarns
dominate with low melt polyester becoming a growing portion of the
business. We can warp polypropylene and other filament fibers as well.
We warp for our knitting customers, yarn manufacturers, yarn
representatives and other warp knitting resources. We support our domestic
manufacturing base and give our customers the ability to source yarn from
around the world which provides for unique fiber combinations.
We have up to date warping heads and electronic tension devices in our
creels. We have recently added "S" rolls to improve tension control on
textured and heavy denier yarns. We believe in press rolls to make the best
beams possible.
Our normal beam sizes are 42 x 21, 43 x 30 or 21 x 21.
Give us reason to invest in new chucks for weaving section
  beams or 50 inch raschel beams!
We added "S" rolls to improve warping of textured yarn for critical end use.
We have 4 Tricot Warpers that run full size tricot beams.
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