Sueding is the combination art and science that alters the surface of a specifically constructed fabric into a luxurious soft hand. There are many
ways to do this. We choose to use sandpaper to sand or suede the surface of the fabric. We can do multiple passes on the same side or both
sides of the fabric if necessary.
We can alter the surface based on yarn and construction to create a hand as fine as a peach fuzz to a heavy apparel artificial suede.
We have retrofitted our equipment with advanced tension control to assure side-center-side consistency.
We process warp knit fabrics mostly in the greige state. However, we can do dyed fabric as well.
Circular knits are a common part of our business. We can start with 84 inch greige rolls that result in sueded rolls around 50-60 inches.
Wovens, usually dyed, complete our mix of fabrics.
We have been known to do fiberglass fabrics as well for the automotive glass business.
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