Customer Service
Customers are what keep us coming to work everyday. We work hard to find new customers and work even
harder to keep them.
When you place an order for warping, warp knitting or sueding with us, our planning and customer service
team takes over and begins the communication and planning process. We can communicate with you via
voice, email, fax, computer flat file and snail mail if required.
You will receive an acknowledgement when yarn is received at our facility, when it is warped and when fabric is
You will receive separate invoices for warping and knitting.
We keep our greige warehouse small for a reason. Our goal is the bring the roll of fabric off the knitting
machine, weigh it, wrap it and bar code it. Then we want to ship it to the dyer of your choice. We prefer to only
touch it once if possible.
When fabric is shipped you will receive shipping documents, including packing list plus a file via email or
electronically to your computer system so it can be allocated to orders as soon as possible.
Please contact us to discuss when we will process your next order or your first order:
Sherry McDaniel
We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you in the future.
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