Fairystone Announces the Creation of Fairystone University
Fairystone is proud to announce the formation of a formal training program for existing and new employees. This training program is being
done in conjunction with the State of North Carolina Community College System. We will be drawing on the expertise of members of the
Community College System and select outside resources where necessary to analyze, document and establish training parameters for skills,
knowledge and methods for all skilled jobs.
This will be an opportunity for existing employees to upgrade their skill on their current jobs; will provide opportunities for job advancement
to higher skilled jobs; and will insure that Fairystone has an efficient and effective manufacturing process. We will be able to bring new
employees to the plant floor with higher skill sets and knowledge of their job. We will the use Train the Trainer technique on all shifts to
accelerate the learning curve for all jobs. This is a three year commitment that will result in highly trained work force eager to produce the
best fabrics for our customers.
Fairystone Adds Additional Knitting Capacity
November 2011 - Fairystone will take delivery of 2 - 3 bar Karl Mayer Tricot knitting machines. Our customers keep asking for more
capacity on this type of machine. We got creative and joint ventured with a customer to bring these machines to Fairystone where can run
a full schedule of 24 hours a day 6 and 7 days a week.
New Stainless Steel Air Washer Installed
December 2011 - All equipment has a specific usable or productive life span. We have been nursing our galvanized air washer
that serves the warping department and a portion of the knitting department for the last year. It was installed 15 years ago new
when we made the last addition to the plant. What we learned is, it is a better decision to pay a little more for stainless steel
because it will last a lot longer. We are fortunate to have Byrd Industrial Services as a trusted supplier. They have installed a
refurbished stainless air washer that will be here to service our growth in the future. We were also able to installed a larger
washer that will reduce our energy needs in the future because it will cool water to lower level than the original air washer thus
requiring less work by our chiller.
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