Company History
On February 9th, 2017 Fairystone marked its 49th year of being in business as a contractor for warping, knitting, and sueding services, among others. Our history is one of
change, adaptation, and luck.
After serving in the Air Force in WWII, Harold Bobo came home and went to work for Burlington Industries, which was thriving in the post-war boom. In 1946 he and his
family moved from Greensboro to Burlington, where Harold served for 20 years as president of BI’s tricot division. After spending the next two years doing some consulting
work he wound up forming a partnership in a small commission knitting operation in 1968 called Jersey Fabrics, which he managed.
Jersey Fabrics owned 24 Reading tricot machines. All were run for JP Stevens Corp., on one or two styles, using high quality 15 denier monofilament yarn on 30x42” beams.
The place practically ran itself.
Then things began to change. JP Stevens and a couple of other heavy hitters needed additional capacity. Harold bought another 20 Readings under their guarantees. More
yet were needed. About this time, 1971, Glen Raven had decided to exit the tricot business and retain Park Avenue Finishing as a commission finishing operation. Harold and
the Gant family reached an agreement to lease the building to, and to sell the machinery to Harold. Thus Fairystone was born, with a small warping operation and 59 tricot
machines, serving several major tricot manufacturers.
In 1973, Harold's son, Tom, decided to get out of the banking business and have a crack at textiles. Harold was approaching retirement age and it looked like a good idea in
the interest of keeping things going for another generation, rather than selling out or liquidating in the relatively near future.
The late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s were a time of change. With the coming of the Mayer compound needle machine, with the higher speeds, we were able to consolidate the two
plants into Fairystone and increase our capacity at the same time. We added space on several occasions, expanding knitting, warping and warehousing as well as installing
the sueder.
As time went on, we did business with most all of the tricot manufacturers and fought it out with the numerous other commission knitters in the arena. In the late ‘90’s, most
of our original customers were gone, as were most of our competition. Today, our competitors are foreign manufacturers, as are several of our customers. We have managed
to survive and to do reasonably well for 40+ years for a few important reasons:
  1. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve and we are fair with them.
  2. We give them our best efforts to provide first rate products.
  3. We are dependable.
  4. We try hard to enlist the best people we can find to work in our plant. We provide pay and benefits which are the best we can afford, and better than most.
  5. It is our policy to treat everyone in the organization fairly and as members of our “family”.
Our history is only the first chapter of our future. We have been through extremes in the past; new technology, new fabrics, new customers and changes in nearly all aspects
of our business and in the US textile business in general. Much of the latter is gone for good, and the changes and challenges will continue. We are, however, survivors. The
challenges have made us stronger.
In March of 2011 a new chapter started for our company. Jim Bryan our President for the past 10 years purchased the company from Tom Bobo. The Bobo family owned the
company for 43 years as is noted above. We have the same dedicated team in place to service our customers' warping and fabric needs. We will continue to modernize and
change with the market. New customers find us all the time. We will be more aggressive in forming new relationships with customers going forward. The company is well
capitalized and looking to the future.
Please contact us and let's do some business together.
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