2012 has been a busy year at Fairystone
We bought a new Hubtex beam loader material handling machine. It is an improvement over the existing machine because it has power
steering and a higher frame. We are reconditioning the old one to use as a spare or back up.
We ordered new software and hard ware for our HVAC control unit. The original systems is 15 years old and uses a closed architecture
software program that is no longer supported and well as most of the hardware. This should be installed in March before the warm
weather comes for good. We hope winter shows up SOON so we do not need to start our chiller before the new system is installed.
Signed contracts to resurface approximately 25 % of the floor in the knitting area. 50+ years of running hard has taken it's toll and we
need to repair it for the future and provide a safer environment for everyone to work in.
Signed a contract to paint a portion of the Old knitting room.
Signed a contract to replace all lighting in the plant with energy efficient T-5 and T-8 fixtures. We will experiment with high bay fixtures in
some areas to provide better overhead clearance and improved visibility. We will install new day light temperature bulbs in the conference
rooms for better color rendition when working with customers.
Installed a new wireless projection system in the main conference room.
We are back to cleaning and painting some of our older machines. Alfonso has done an outstanding job for us. He was awarded a painters
beret for his efforts. I have changed his middle name to Picasso!!!
Alfonso "Picasso" Guzman
The New Hubtex machine
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