This is NOT just a pretty picture!
It is rewarding to have our Quality Management System recognized by the
International Standards Organization.
We knew we had developed such a system internally many years ago. We
are audited most years by a number of customers who were ISO certified
before we were. We passed those audits every time.
We waited for the cost of registration to become more reasonable and the
documentation requirements altered so we could get certified without
increasing our costs. We also examined how we could use our
manufacturing system to capture information and produce work
instructions and associated information that gets the knowledge to our
people when and where they need it. We learned during implementation
that there were areas where we needed to improve as well. That is NOT an
easy job!
Our dedication to continuous improvement will be a big part of our future success.
In 2017 we completed LEAN, Six Sigma and 5S training for all 135 members of our
family. That has resulted in 30 Kaizen teams working on improvements
in their respective areas. In addition, we have sent a number of current employees
to Alamance Community College for incumbent training in the Mechatronics
course of study. We have our first high school apprentice completing his 1st full year
as a member of the AlamanceCAP apprenticeship program. We just added our
second apprentice in August of this year. We have additional events planned for
2017 and 2018.
We have a dedicated team of internal auditors who have really made a
difference in revising our processes and procedures to reflect what we do
and capture the improvements along the way. Contact the professionals
who helped us do it. Click on the buttons below:
ISO 9001
Quality Management System
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