All of us share, or should share the common bond of trying to minimize our
impact on the environment in our personal and business lives.
Fairystone has been recycling packaging and plant waste for many years. We
have changed our lighting to more efficient bulbs and have lowered lighting
fixtures in the manufacturing areas to reduce power usage and improve vision
at the same time. We replace electric motors with more efficient models when
older motors come to the end of their economic life.
We work with our suppliers to use reusable packaging and containers that
avoid the recycling process and energy associated with it.
It took 5 years of research and false starts. As of 1/1/2013 we are landfill FREE!
We have a recycle center in the plant that bales or puts all waste in sorted
gaylords for transportation to our recycle resource. There it is consolidated and
sold. Food wrappers and a few other items that can not be recycled are baled
and sent to power plants to be used as fuel for electricity or steam. Everyone
contributes to the effort by sorting at the beginning in their work place and the
We were recently introduced to a company that recycles broken wooden
pallets into mulch. We believe this could be another resource for us going
We recycle cardboard boxes that come from our yarn suppliers & vendors.
Plastic and foam trays get returned for reuse.
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